U.S Federal Company Hacked Because of Vulnerability in IIS Server

ByKaty Wilson

Mar 20, 2023
U.S Federal Company Hacked Because of Vulnerability in IIS Server
U.S Federal Company Hacked Because of Vulnerability in IIS Server

A joint operation performed by means of DHS, FCEB, and CISA Known a couple of makes an attempt of a cyber assault at the U.S. Executive IIS Server by means of exploiting a .NET deserialization Telerik Vulnerability.

More than one hackers workforce initiated this assault, together with APT actors. The a hit exploitation of the vulnerability shall we attackers execute an arbitrary code remotely at the federal civilian government department (FCEB) firm community the place the susceptible Telerik consumer interface (UI) is gifted within the IIS webserver.

The IOC recognized by means of the federal businesses belongs to the exploit that triggers the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX builds ahead of R1 2020 (2020.1.114).

How Does the Vulnerability Used to be Exploited

The assault used to be performed from November 2022 thru early January 2023, focused on the .NET deserialization vulnerability (CVE-2019-18935) within the RadAsyncUpload serve as, main attackers to milk the publicity when the encryption keys are identified because of the presence of CVE-2017-11317.

FCEB firm’s Microsoft IIS server is configured with Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2013 SP1 (model 2013.2.717), and the vulnerability, upon the a hit far off code execution, shall we attackers acquire interactive get entry to to the internet server.

FCEB firm has a suitable plug-in to stumble on this vulnerability CVE-2019-18935. On the other hand, the detection failed because of the Telerik UI device being put in in a record trail that doesn’t have get entry to to scan and to find the vulnerability.

Danger Actors Actions

CISA and the opposite joined businesses recognized scanning & reconnaissance actions from a couple of danger actors referred to as cybercriminal actor XE Staff and the opposite workforce TA2. The a hit strive of scanning resulted in exploiting the vulnerability.

As soon as the vulnerability will get induced and exploited, Danger actors add malicious dynamic-link library (DLL) information to the C:WindowsTemp listing.

The information mimic PNG and are carried out with the assistance of w3wp.exe procedure—a valid procedure that runs on IIS servers to deal with requests despatched to internet servers and ship content material.

“CISA and authoring organizations showed that some malicious information dropped at the IIS server are in keeping with a up to now reported record naming conference that danger actors often use when exploiting CVE-2019-18935.”

On this case, CISA noticed that TA1 named XE Staff, began their machine enumeration starting in August 2022 they usually have been ready to add malicious DLL information to the C:WindowsTemp listing after which reach far off code execution, executing the DLL information by the use of the w3wp.exe procedure.

CISA gained 18 information for research from a forensic research engagement performed at a Federal Civilian Government Department (FCEB) firm.


To be able to reduce the specter of different assaults focused on this vulnerability, CISA, the FBI, and MS-ISAC suggest quite a few mitigation measures:-

  • After right kind checking out of all Telerik UI ASP.NET AJAX cases, you will have to improve all cases to the newest model.
  • The usage of Microsoft IIS and far off PowerShell, track and analyze process logs generated by means of those servers.
  • The permissions that may be granted to a provider account will have to be stored at a minimal as a way to run the provider.
  • It’s crucial that vulnerabilities on methods which might be uncovered to the web are remedied once conceivable.
  • Imposing a patch control answer is an effective and efficient option to make sure that your methods are all the time up-to-date on the subject of safety patches.
  • You will need to to make sure that vulnerability scanners are configured in one of these method as to hide a complete vary of units and places.
  • To be able to separate community segments in line with a consumer’s function and serve as, community segmentation will have to be applied.

Malicious actors exploited a vulnerability within the Microsoft Web Data Services and products (IIS) internet server utilized by a federal civilian government department firm (FCEB) and have been ready to execute far off code at the server effectively.

Because of this advisory, the CISA, FBI, and MS-ISAC inspire you to ceaselessly check your safety program in a manufacturing surroundings for maximum efficiency as opposed to the MITRE ATT&CK ways.

Signs of Compromise

  • 11415ac829c17bd8a9c4cef12c3fbc23095cbb3113c89405e489ead5138384cd (1597974061[.]4531896[.]png)
  • 144492284bcbc0110d34a2b9a44bef90ed0d6cda746df6058b49d3789b0f851d (1666006114[.]5570521[.]txt)
  • 508dd87110cb5bf5d156a13c2430c215035db216f20f546e4acec476e8d55370 (xesmartshell[.]tmp)
  • 707d22cacdbd94a3e6dc884242c0565bdf10a0be42990cd7a5497b124474889b (1665130178[.]9134793[.]dll)
  • 72f7d4d3b9d2e406fa781176bd93e8deee0fb1598b67587e1928455b66b73911 (1594142927[.]995679[.]png)
  • 74544d31cbbf003bc33e7099811f62a37110556b6c1a644393fddd0bac753730 (1665131078[.]6907752[.]dll)
  • 78a926f899320ee6f05ab96f17622fb68e674296689e8649c95f95dade91e933 (1596686310[.]434117[.]png)
  • 833e9cf75079ce796ef60fc7039a0b098be4ce8d259ffa53fe2855df110b2e5d (1665128935[.]8063045[.]dll)
  • 853e8388c9a72a7a54129151884da46075d45a5bcd19c37a7857e268137935aa (1667466391[.]0658665[.]dll)
  • 8a5fc2b8ecb7ac6c0db76049d7e09470dbc24f1a90026a431285244818866505 (1596923477[.]4946315[.]png)
  • a14e2209136dad4f824c6f5986ec5d73d9cc7c86006fd2ceabe34de801062f6b (1665909724[.]4648924[.]dll)
  • b4222cffcdb9fb0eda5aa1703a067021bedd8cf7180cdfc5454d0f07d7eaf18f (1665129315[.]9536858[.]dll)
  • d69ac887ecc2b714b7f5e59e95a4e8ed2466bed753c4ac328931212c46050b35 (1667465147[.]4282858[.]dll)
  • d9273a16f979adee1afb6e55697d3b7ab42fd75051786f8c67a6baf46c4c19c2 (SortVistaCompat)
  • dedf082f523dfcb75dee0480a2d8a087e3231f89fa34fcd2b7f74866a7b6608f (1665214140[.]9324195[.]dll)
  • e044bce06ea49d1eed5e1ec59327316481b8339c3b6e1aecfbb516f56d66e913 (1667465048[.]8995082[.]dll)
  • e45ad91f12188a7c3d4891b70e1ee87a3f23eb981804ea72cd23f1d5e331ff5a (1596835329[.]5015914[.]png)
  • f5cafe99bccb9d813909876fa536cc980c45687d0f411c5f4b5346dcf6b304e4 (1665132690[.]6040645[.]dll)
Further Information
  • 08375e2d187ee53ed263ee6529645e03ead1a8e77afd723a3e0495201452d415 (small[.]aspx)
  • 11d8b9be14097614dedd68839c85e3e8feec08cdab675a5e89c5b055a6a68bad (XEReverseShell[.]exe)
  • 1fed0766f564dc05a119bc7fa0b6670f0da23504e23ece94a5ae27787b674cd2 (xesvrs[.]exe)
  • 5cbba90ba539d4eb6097169b0e9acf40b8c4740a01ddb70c67a8fb1fc3524570 (small[.]txt)
  • 815d262d38a26d5695606d03d5a1a49b9c00915ead1d8a2c04eb47846100e93f (XEReverseShell[.]exe)
  • a0ab222673d35d750a0290db1b0ce890b9d40c2ab67bfebb62e1a006e9f2479c (Multi-OS_ReverseShell[.]exe)
Domain names
  • hivnd[.]com
  • xegroups[.]com
  • xework[.]com
  • 137[.]184[.]130[.]162
  • 144[.]96[.]103[.]245
  • 184[.]168[.]104[.]171
  • 45[.]77[.]212[.]12



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